Veterinary Health Care

The Veterinary Health Care in this UT is provided through a network of 1 Veterinary Polyclinic, 9 Veterinary Hospital, 12 Veterinary Dispensary, 47 Veterinary Sub Dispensaries and 6 Mobile Veterinary Dispensaries spread over the entire Islands of this Territory, till date 17,31,857 Birds and 2,67,202 livestock have been treated.

These Islands are also free from the contagious diseases such as RABIES, ANTHRAX, H.S. RINDERPEST, BQ etc. the Department carried out Disease surveillance, reporting and diagnosis and disease monitoring throughout the year .No major disease or outbreaks have been reported during the year.

State Animal Disease Emergency Committee (SADEC) has been effectively implementing necessary preventive measures to restrict entry of infectious and contagious disease into this territory. The Department conducted 668 Veterinary Health Camp and Mobile tours have been conducted over the entire territory.

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