Breeding Policy

  • 1. Improving the Genetic potential of cattle and buffaloes for enhancing their productivity.
  • 2. To have a uniform practice of crossbreeding in the entire territory of A& N Islands.
  • 3. To limit the Exotic inheritance to the desired level to preserve the disease resistance traits of indigenous cattle in the progeny.
The majority of existing stock of cattle being non- descript the breeding policy is so formulated to meet the demands of local farmers for higher productivity in cattle and buffaloes and keeping in view the agro climatic condition of the Union Territory of A & N Islands. A uniform breeding policy is to be followed in both Andaman & Nicobar Districts of this UT.

1. Cows( Non –descript)

Cross breeding with Jersey or Holstein Friesian 100 % semen for production of 50 % Jersey and 50% of Non – descript or 50 % HF and 50 % non – descript as the case may be. The blood level of exotic donor is limited to 50 % only by again crossbreeding the first generation cows with 50 % Jersey Cross or 50 % Holstein Friesian bull semen. For commercial and specialized Diary Farms, the maximum level of exotic inheritance in the progeny will be restricted to 62.5 %

In remote areas the local cattle will be improved by using 50% crossbreed Jersey bulls or Holstein Friesian bulls by natural service.

2. Buffaloes

In buffaloes 100 % Murrah Bull Semen / Murrah bulls will be used for grading up continuously

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