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Veterinary Institutions and Farms

Sl. No.InstituteSouth AndamanNorth & Middle AndamanNicobar
1Hospital1.Veterinary Hospital, Junglighat(03192-232252)

2.Veterinary Hospital, Garacharama(03192-252823)

3.Veterinary Hospital, Wimberly Gunj(03192-255221)

4.Veterinary Hospital, R.K.Pur, Little Andaman(03192-288037)
1.Veterinary Hospital, Rangat(03192-275057)

2.Veterinary Hospital, Webi

3.Veterinary Hospital, Diglipur(03192-272261)
1.Veterinary Hospital, Car Nicobar(03192-265968)

2.Veterinary Hospital, Campbell Bay(03192-264204)
2Dispensary1.Veterinary Dispensary, Rangachang

2.Veterinary Dispensary, Manglutan

3.Veterinary Dispensary, Port Mout

4.Veterinary Dispensary, Elephant Point

5.Veterinary Dispensary, Havelock

6.Veterinary Dispensary, Neil Island
1.Veterinary Dispensary, Kadamtala

2.Veterinary Dispensary, Billiground

3.Veterinary Dispensary, Kalighat
1.Veterinary Dispensary, Kamorta

2.Veterinary Dispensary, Katchal

3.Veterinary Dispensary, Teressa
3SubDispensary1.Veterinary SubDispensary, Calicut (under Garacharama Hospital)

2.Veterinary SubDispensary, New Bimbilitan (under Garacharama Hospital)

3.Veterinary SubDispensary, Makkapahad (under Rangachang Hospital)

4.Veterinary SubDispensary, Rutland (under Rangachang Hospital)

5.Veterinary SubDispensary, Wandoor (under VD Manglutan)

6.Veterinary SubDispensary, Tushnabad (Under VD, Port Mout)

7.Veterinary SubDispensary, Temple Mayo (Under VD, Port Mout)

8.Veterinary SubDispensary, Mile Tilak (under VH, Wimberlygunj)

9.Veterinary SubDispensary, Ferrar Gunj(under VH, Wimberlygunj)

10.Veterinary SubDispensary, Bambooflat (under VH, Wimberlygunj)

11.Veterinary SubDispensary, Shoal Bay (under VH, Wimberlygunj)

12.Veterinary SubDispensary, Brindaban ((under VH, Wimberlygunj)

13.Veterinary SubDispensary, Dollygunj (under ADDL, Dollygunj)

14.Veterinary SubDispensary, Kalapathar (under VD, Havelock)

15.Veterinary SubDispensary, Dollygunj (under ADDL, Dollygunj)

16.Veterinary SubDispensary, Hut Bay (under VH, RK.Pur)

17.Veterinary SubDispensary, V.K.Pur (under VH, RK.Pur)

1.Veterinary SubDispensary, Baratang (under VD, Kadamtala)

2.Veterinary SubDispensary, Adajig (under VD, Kadamtala)

3.Veterinary SubDispensary, Kalsi (under VH, Rangat)

4.Veterinary SubDispensary, Kausalya Nagar (under VH, Rangat)

5.Veterinary SubDispensary, Bakultala (under VH, Rangat)

6.Veterinary SubDispensary, Long Island (under VH, Rangat)

7.Veterinary SubDispensary, Amkunj (under VH, Rangat)

8.Veterinary SubDispensary, Betapur (under VH, Rangat)

9.Veterinary SubDispensary, Govindpur (under GPF, Basantipur)


1.Veterinary SubDispensary, Rampur (under VH,Webi)

2.Veterinary SubDispensary, Danapur (under VH,Webi)

3.Veterinary SubDispensary, Pudumadurai (under VH,Webi)

4.Veterinary SubDispensary, Tugapur (under VH,Webi)

5.Veterinary SubDispensary, Chainpur (under VH,Webi)

6.Veterinary SubDispensary, Hanspuri (under VH,Webi)

7.Veterinary SubDispensary, Mohanpur (under VH,Webi)

8.Veterinary SubDispensary, Dharampur (under VH,Webi)


1.Veterinary SubDispensary, Laxmipur (under VH, Diglipur)

2.Veterinary SubDispensary, Kerala Puram (under VH, Diglipur)

3.Veterinary SubDispensary, Shyam Nagar (under VH, Diglipur)

4.Veterinary SubDispensary, Shibpur (under VH, Diglipur)

5.Veterinary SubDispensary, Milangram (under VH, Diglipur)

6.Veterinary SubDispensary, Smith Island (under VH, Diglipur)

7.Veterinary SubDispensary, Sitanagar (under VH, Diglipur)

8.Veterinary SubDispensary, Kishorinagar (under VH, Diglipur)

9.Veterinary SubDispensary, Nabagram (under VH, Diglipur)

10.Veterinary SubDispensary, Ram Nagar (under VH, Diglipur)

11.Veterinary SubDispensary, Paschim Sagar (under VH, Diglipur)
1.Veterinary SubDispensary, Arong (under VH, Car Nicobar)

2.Veterinary SubDispensary, Pilpillow (under VD, Kamorta)

3.Veterinary SubDispensary, Upper Katchal (VD, Katchal)

4.Veterinary SubDispensary, Chowra (VD, Teressa)

5.Veterinary SubDispensary, Govind Nagar (under VH, Campbell Bay)

6.Veterinary SubDispensary, Vijaya Nagar (-do-)

7.Veterinary SubDispensary, Gandhi Nagar (-do-)

4Poultry Farm1.Government Poultry Farm, Dollygunj

2.Central Hatchery, Dollygunj

3.Government Poultry Farm, Harminder Bay

4.Government Poultry Farm, Nanjappa Nagar

1.Government Poultry Farm, Sitanagar

2.Government Poultry Farm, Basantipur

1.Government Poultry Farm, Car Nicobar

2.Government Poultry Farm, Teressa

3.Government Poultry Farm, Campbell Bay

5Hatcheries Farm 1.Veterinary Dispensary, Havelock

2.Veterinary Dispensary, Hut Bay

1.Veterinary Hospital, Rangat

2.Veterinary Dispensary, Kadamtala

3.GPF, Basantipur

4.GPF, Sitanagar
1.Veterinary Hospital, Car Nicobar

2.Veterinary Hospital, Campbell Bay

6Pig Farm1.Pig Farm, Dollygunj 1.Pig Farm, Car Nicobar

2.Pig Farm, Govind Nagar (Campbell Bay)

7Cattle Holding Farm1.Cattle Holding Farm, Dollygunj  
8Central Hatchery1.Central Hatchery, Dollygunj  
9Fooder Farm1.Fodder Farm, Dollygunj  
10Duck Farm1.Duck Farm, Dollygunj  
11Goat Farm1.Goat Farm, Dollygunj

2.Goat Farm, Elephant Point

3.Goat Farm, R.K.Pur, Little Andaman

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