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Acts & Rules

A&N Prevention & Control of contagious diseases

A&N Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Regulation 1967

Appointment of members of ANUTVC

Award of incentives to PTV Rules, 2013

Constitution of District Level Executive Committies under the State Livestock Mission-min

Constitution of State Level Executive Committes under the State Livestock Mission-min

Delegation of powers to act under IVC Act 1984-min

District Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals-min

Managing Committee of District SPCA's-min

Minor Veterinary Services under the Indian Veterinary Council Act , 1986-min

PCA (Application of Fines) Rules, 1978-min

PCA (Capture of Animals) Rules, 1979-min

PCA (Licensing Ferraries) Rules, 1965-min

PCA (Registration of Cattle Premises) Rules, 1978-min

PCA (Slaughter House) Rules 2001

PCA (Transport of Animals on Foot) Rules, 2001

Preliminary first aid treatment to animals-min

A&N Islands Grant-in-Aid to SABAWANI Rules, 2018-min

Prevention of Draught & Pack Animals Rules, 1965-min

Subsidy scheme for Const of Pig Shelter, 2018-min

Subsidy scheme for Const. of Azolla Tanks, 2018-min

Subsidy scheme for Const. of Cow Shelter, 2017-min

The Andaman & Nicobar Isalnds Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Rules, 1967-min

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands Livestock Improvement Rules, 1966

The Performing Animals Rules, 1973

Transport of Animals Rules, 1978

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