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The Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services focuses on improvement and expansion of the animal husbandry activities and providing quality Veterinary Services in these Islands. This has a direct bearing on the overall development of the rural masses, especially the weaker sections of the society, women, unemployed youth, and tribals. The department carries out planned programmes for development of Dairy and Fodder, Poultry, Piggery and Goatery by providing inputs, training and health cover.

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  • Veterinary Compounder Transfer Abeyance Order
    30-09-2022 371.38(KB)
  • Veterinary Compounder Stand Relieved
    22-09-2022 272.53(KB)
  • Transfer of Veterinary Compounders
    31-08-2022 784.48(KB)
  • Transfer order of Veterinary Compounder
    17-08-2022 1933.22(KB)
  • Transfer order of Livestock Supervisor
    17-08-2022 559.75(KB)
Director Dr.Ashok Gupta